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Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Soft Launch Is Now Live

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Soft Launch Is Now Live


If you didn't have the fortune of accessing either of the Rainbow Six Closed Betas, Ubisoft has some positive updates in store for you.

Rainbow Six Mobile experienced two phases of Closed Beta testing. The initial one took place in the latter part of last year, while the second occurred from early June to the first weeks of July.

Following a month-long period of inactivity on Twitter to allow their staff to savor the summer, the official Rainbow Six Mobile account recently revealed that the Soft Launch for the game is scheduled before the month's end. Interestingly, that day happens to be today.

In a Mobile Devlog shared by Creative Director Justin Swan, a glimpse into the Rainbow Six Mobile Soft Launch details was provided. Ubisoft's approach involves gradually introducing the Soft Launch in different regions worldwide over the next few months.

Starting with Canada, players there have been given initial access on both Android and iOS platforms. Moving forward, the Soft Launch is set to go live in Mexico on September 4th, exclusively for Android devices. 

Notably, Rainbow Six Mobile is compatible with iPhone models from XS and above, while iPad support remained inactive during Closed Beta 2.0. However, the Rainbow Six Mobile Twitter account has confirmed intentions to include iPad support during the Global Launch phase.

During the Soft Launch, additional enhancements were made to address issues from Closed Beta 2.0. These improvements encompassed reduced wall clipping and enhanced latency problems, where players with pings surpassing 200 were automatically removed in Closed Beta 2.0.

Ubisoft has also introduced two fresh game modes and a beta-ranked mode within the Soft Launch. Moreover, the future holds the promise of special-ranked events. One of the most noteworthy updates is that progression is now permanently saved, eliminating concerns about account wipes. Feel free to immerse yourself in endless gameplay without the worry of losing progress.

For fortunate Canadian players, the inaugural lite-season of Rainbow Six Mobile, known as Operation Fallen Sakura, is already available for exploration. For those outside Canada, keep an eye out for Ubisoft's release of the Soft Launch in your region!

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